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Container types

Nature of commodity

Depending on the type of goods to transport, can be classified in:



dryvanFor the carriage of any normal dry cargo such as bags, pallets, crates, drums...


Integral refrigerated

Image descriptionWith own cold generation, designed to carry cargo that requires constant temperature as meat, fish, fruit...


Isoled phortole

conairWithout own cold generation, designed to carry cargo that requires a constant temperature.

Clip On modules to keep the cold at the door to door transport.


Open top

opentopWith removable canvas roof enabling higher loading and unloading.

Designed to carry heavy loads or extra dimensions such as machinery , slabs of marble...


No Sides

flatrackWithout side and fixed terminals or objectionable.

Designed to carry very large charges.


Only floor

plataformaDesigned to carry large loads or extra weight.



graneleroWith higher intakes for loading, special coating and precipitation unloading.

For the carriage of grain.



tanqueWith multiple designs and applications.

For the transport of wine, oil, chemicals...

Weight / Volume of goods

By weight or volume of goods transported, can be classified in:

ContainerLengthWidthHeightMax. loadVolume
DRY VAN 20'5.898 mm2.352 mm2.393 mm28.180 kg33,2 m³
DRY VAN 40'12.032 mm2.352 mm2.393 mm28.750 kg67,7 m³
DRY VAN 40' High Cube12.032 mm2.352 mm2.698 mm28.560 kg76,4 m³
REEFER 20'5.444 mm2.268 mm2.272 mm27.400 kg28,1 m³
REEFER 40'11.561 mm2.280 mm2.249 mm27.700 kg59,3 m³
REEFER 40' High Cube11.561 mm2.268 mm2.553 mm29.150 kg67,0 m³
CONAIR 20'5.750 mm2.260 mm2.110 mm21.350 kg27,4 m³
CONAIR 20' H5.444 mm2.300 mm2.250 mm24.220 kg29,8 m³
OPEN TOP 20'5.889 mm2.345 mm2.346 mm28.120 kg32,4 m³
OPEN TOP 40'12.024 mm2.352 mm2.324 mm30.140 kg65,7 m³
FLAT RACK 20'5.940 mm2.345 mm2.346 mm28.470 kg---- m³
FLAT RACK 40'12.132 mm2.400 mm2.135 mm40.000 kg---- m³

Note: The length, width and height of the container are internal. Load and Volume are related to the goods.